Meiwa Industry Co.,Ltd.


Meiwa Industry products, with a focus on automobiles, contribute to our daily lives.

Meiwa Industry's core products are automotive interior components utilizing resin processing technology. We are engaged in the development, production and sales of components used in areas such as the trunk, floor and roof.

Using Meiwa Industry's distinctive technologies, we are also now developing and manufacturing industrial materials and devices. This initiative is gathering attention as a new business field that will further expand Meiwa Industry's future possibilities.

Automotive Parts

Development and Manufacturing of High-Quality, Trusted Products

Trunks, floor mats, roofs... Meiwa Industry's products are at work in many areas of automotive interiors. These products are unsung heroes that enhance the driving experience. Through use in a variety of vehicles such as sedans, wagons, SUVs, minivans, kei (small) cars and trucks, customers have come to trust our high-quality products.

Brands Manufactured
Shiko sheet
Created by injecting air between two plastic sheets, the inflated corrugated shape provides lightness and durability.
Sandwiching a lightweight board of foamed resin between two plastic sheets provides further lightness and rigidity. As both are flat, they can be used turned over.
Zem-Light SPS
Foamed resin sandwiched between two thin steel sheets. This allows for a more durable and thinner product than if sandwiched by plastic.
A material developed as a plastic corrugated board with both lightness and durability. Depending on the application, we offer a choice of the bendable two-ply and the rigid three-ply types.

The "Zem-light" as used in the deck board

The "Olefin Mat" as used in floor mats

Seat back board

Industrial Materials

Developing a wide variety of residential building materials utilizing our distinctive technologies

Using Meiwa Industry's distinctive resin treatment technologies developed for car parts, we also develop and manufacture a wide range of products which support residential design.

These products epitomize the subtle way technologies are at work in our lives. The potential of Meiwa Industry continues to expand.