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Our untiring research initiatives drive our original development capabilities.

Meiwa Industry, by managing the entire development process in-house, from fundamental research, design, planning, testing, pilot production, commercialization to mass production, realizes reductions in time and cost of production development. This depth of technical expertise is what drives results in the top class of our industry.

Integrated Manufacturing System

The Meiwa Industry integrated manufacturing system, encompassing everything from the compounding of raw materials (plastic resin) to the completion of the finished product, is the key factor in our ability to deliver high-quality, trusted products in a stable manner.
Through our advanced processing technology, we achieve cost reduction, rationalization of work processes and higher quality, meeting a wide spectrum of customer needs.

Research Facilities

In April 2012, we established the Technology Development Center, our new research facility, at our Gifu Plant.

This Center, upgraded and outfitted with even more sophisticated research and development facilities and testing equipment, will without doubt be a strong research and development base for Meiwa Industry. The Center will not only be concerned with new technology for developing automotive parts and home construction materials, but also for developing original equipment for improving quality, productivity and rationalization. Various research and development projects to further increase production efficiency are underway.

Quality and Environmental Initiatives

Quality Management System (ISO9001)

Since its foundation, our company has had a policy of continually challenging ourselves to develop "better and lower-priced products faster". Even now, this is an important guiding principle for our researchers, and it is the basis of their development work.

Naturally, as the times change, we must always look to pursue new and challenging visions. In order to make a contribution to society, we must continue to challenge ourselves, while remaining committed to our policy.

Our Nagano, Kofu and Gifu plants have achieved certification.

Environmental Management System (ISO14001)

Meiwa Industry has from an early stage conducted environmental preservation initiatives, and worked to prevent environmental degradation. Through the ISO14001 certification achieved by our Nagano, Kofu and Gifu plants, these initiatives have borne fruit.

Our Nagano, Kofu and Gifu plants have achieved certification.

< Priority Initiatives >
  • Reduction of industrial waste and improved recycling technology
  • Energy reduction
  • Reduction in the volume of environmental pollutants
  • Environmental preservation